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YULIZENY SORIA (Cuba player)

"Spain plays well but has also the referees' help. We will have to play better for the next game and then we will qualify for the Olympics."

LAURA NICHOLLS (Spain player)

"We have played a very tough game but we have been better physically and also technically. Cuba has played until the ultimate minute."

"I'm sure that Cuba will obtain the fifth place to qualify."

ISA SANCHEZ (Spain player)

"We have played really strongly and I'm proud to wear this jersey. Cuba has played very well and I think they will qualify."

"We have to be realistics to win a medal in the Olympic Games. There are very powerful teams but we have to fight of everything."

LUCILA PASCUA (Spain player)

"Today, we have been more concentrated than against Brazil and we knew that we had to control our nerves. We had to play patiently, be relaxed and play strongly the whole game to wear out the Cubans and win."

"I think that the key of this victory have been a good defense, the rebound
control since it's a team that has proved to be a great one during this tournament. We knew that if we dominated the paint, we will reduce the Cuba possibilities."

"I really want to compete in the Olympic Games and I hope I will be part of it. I think we can make a good job being one of the first fifth teams in the Olympics, that's our goal."

ALBA TORRENS (Spain player)

"It has been a very tough game. Cuba is a great team and we knew that it will be hard. We have been very concentrated and finally we won.

"Today, I didn't have much minutes to play since it was a key game for us. I knew that the minutes that I will have, I will have to enjoy and do my best to help the team."

"I think the team will be the same for the Olympics and I hope it will be so because I would be so exciting."



Yuko Oka (Japan player)

"Czech Republic is not only a high team, they have goog shooters. Because of their height we couldn't do much in the paint".

"The good thing is that we have another game tomorrow, another opportunity to get de qualification, and we can't loose that game".

Jana Vesela (Czech Republic player)

"Japan is a good team. We had to be concentrate all the game, because the don't give up until the game finishes".



Maria AFONSO (Angola player)

"Today game was really tough for us because Latvia is a great team. We were nervous and we could not realize our play. We wanted to play well and give a good image of the Angolan basketball and it couldn't have been so. But we will keep on working hard."

"We don't care about our next rival. We will play until the end. We all hope that we will play well and get the win. To get it, we have to improve our three points shooting percentage and defense well."

"For the next game, we hope that the referees will be a little bit more corrects than today and even if the way of playing are differents, the referees have to be impartials for both the teams."



Kelly da Silva Santos (Brasil player)

"In my opiniOn we have played a bad game. Basketball is a skills sport and we made many mistakes in the last moments. More over, Belarous played their best game in this tournament and the are the fair winners".

"In the last minutes of the 4th quarter we were in a good situation, but we didn't keep our defense and that let them to force the extra-time".

"To get the last ticket for Beijing we must be stronger in defense and play with stillness the last minutes of the game".

"I think that in the next game against Angola we will be able to get better and arrive to the sunday's game to get the qualification. In my opinion, we would play against Cuba, a team that we know and that we are waiting for".

Sviatlana Volnaya (Belarous player)

"I'm very happy because it is the first time this national time is going to play in a Olympic Games".



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