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15/06/2008PR N°39 - Field and schedule for the 2008 Olympic Basketball Tournament for Women

GENEVA/MADRID (Olympics Women) - Upon completion of the FIBA Olympic Qualifying Tournament for Women in Madrid, Spain, the field of the 12 participant women's national teams at the upcoming Beijing 2008 Olympic Games is now finalized.

Brazil, winner of tonight's Final of the FIBA Olympic Qualifying Tournament for Women, has joined Belarus, Czech Republic, Latvia and Spain (the winners of Friday's quarter-finals) as the last team clinching a final spot for the 2008 Olympic Basketball Tournament for Women.

The draw to determine the final composition of groups for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Basketball Tournament for Women has taken place in the Telefónica Arena Madrid just a few minutes after the Final of the FIBA Olympic Qualifying Tournament for Women. As a result of this draw, the teams of Belarus, Brazil and Latvia will be in Group A, while Czech Republic and Spain will compete in Group B.

Listed below is the final composition of groups, as well as the complete event schedule for the Olympic Basketball Tournament for Women that will be played from 9th to 23rd August 2008 in the brand new 18.000-seat Wukesong Indoor Stadium. Please note that all tip-off hours are local time in Beijing, China.

1. Composition of groups:

Group A: Australia, Belarus, Brazil, Korea, Latvia and Russia

Group B: China, Czech Republic, Mali, New Zealand, Spain and USA

2. Preliminary Round:

9th August 2008:

Game 1 (9:00 hours):Belarusvs.Australia
Game 2 (11:15 hours): Malivs.New Zealand
Game 3 (14:30 hours):Spainvs.China
Game 4 (16:45 hours):Brazilvs.Korea
Game 5 (20:00 hours):USAvs.Czech Republic
Game 6 (22:15 hours):Russiavs.Latvia

11th August 2008:

Game 13 (9:00 hours):New Zealandvs.Spain
Game 14 (11:15 hours): Czech Republicvs.Mali
Game 15 (14:30 hours):Koreavs.Russia
Game 16 (16:45 hours):Latvia vs.Belarus
Game 17 (20:00 hours):Chinavs.USA
Game 18 (22:15 hours):Australiavs.Brazil

13th August 2008:

Game 25 (9:00 hours):Belarusvs.Russia
Game 26 (11:15 hours): Spainvs.Czech Republic
Game 27 (14:30 hours):Brazilvs.Latvia
Game 28 (16:45 hours):New Zealandvs.China
Game 29 (20:00 hours):Australiavs.Korea
Game 30 (22:15 hours):Malivs.USA

15th August 2008:

Game 37 (9:00 hours):Czech Republicvs.New Zealand
Game 38 (11:15 hours): Latviavs.Australia
Game 39 (14:30 hours):Russiavs.Brazil
Game 40 (16:45 hours):Chinavs.Mali
Game 41 (20:00 hours):USAvs.Spain
Game 42 (22:15 hours):Koreavs.Belarus

17th August 2008:

Game 49 (9:00 hours):Spainvs.Mali
Game 50 (11:15 hours): Australiavs.Russia
Game 51 (14:30 hours):Latviavs.Korea
Game 52 (16:45 hours):Brazilvs.Belarus
Game 53 (20:00 hours):Czech Republicvs.China
Game 54 (22:15 hours):New Zealandvs.USA 

3. Quarter-Finals:

The information below shows only who will be playing whom in accordance with the final standings after the Preliminary Round.

19th August 2008:

Game 61: B2 vs. A3
Game 62: A1 vs. B4
Game 63: A2 vs. B3
Game 64: B1 vs. A4

The exact game number and time for the four Quarter-Finals will be known at the latest on the evening of 17th August. The games of the Quarter-Finals will be played at 14:30, 16:45, 20:00 and 22:15 hours.

4. Semi-Finals:

21st August 2008:

Game 69: Winner 61 vs. Winner 62
Game 70:Winner 63 vs. Winner 64

The exact game number and time for the two Semi-Finals will be known at the latest on the evening of 19th August. The games of the Semi-Finals will be played at 20:00 and 22:15 hours.

5. Finals:

23rd August 2008:

Game 73 (19:30 hours): Loser 69 vs. Loser 70 (3 - 4)
Game 74 (22:00 hours): Winner 69 vs. Winner 70 (1 - 2)

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